Harrison Funk on Photographing Famous Musicians – July 19th, 2018

This mid-month meeting will be held Thursday July 19th, 2018 from 7:00 – 9:00PM

The meeting location is United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP


7:00-7:10 PM Meet & Greet, (Put on your name tag!)
7:10-7:15 PM Meeting Announcements, Guest & New Member Introductions.
7:15-7:30 PM Portfolio Project Milestone 2
7:30-9:00 PM Harrison Funk – Photographing World Famous Musicians

Portfolio Project Milestone 2

With milestone 1 turned in, it’s time for milestone 2. Andrew will briefly review a couple of select submissions from milestone 1 and then hand out milestone 2. If you can’t be there, he will also email it out so don’t worry!

Remember: Milestone 1 is due by email (send to no later than Sunday July 15th.

Harrison Funk – Photographing World Famous Musicians

Harrison Funk - Photographer of Famous Musicians

New York born photographer Harrison Funk has been shooting entertainment, fashion, and advertising for nearly two decades. He has photographed some of the biggest stars of stage and screen for publications such as LIFE, Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Spin, TV Guide, USA Today, and Paris Match since the ‘80s. He is well-known as Michael Jackson’s personal photographer throughout the height of his career. And he has also photographed the likes of Rolling Stones, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as non musicians such as John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Harrison will speak to the club about his life as a photographer of the famous, about relationships and access. He will share his experiences in the world of the ultra famous and what it was like to photograph them on stage and off.

Learn more about Harrison Funk – Website | Instagram

July 2018 Digital Competition Results

The July 2018 Digital Competition was open themed and judged by Liz Moskowitz, our speaker for the evening.

Class 1 – Novice

There were 32 Class 1 submissions with 8 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5 honorable mentions).

1st Place – Eye of the Tigress by Miguel Ortiz

Eye of the Tigress by Miguel Ortiz

2nd Place – Glass Corner by Cat Smith

Glass Corner by Cat Smith

3rd Place – Look Behind You by Dave Devore

Look Behind You by Dave Devore

Honorable Mention – Wells Branch Fog by Roberto White

Wells Branch Fog by Roberto White

Honorable Mention – Darkly Passionate by Billy Wills

Darkly Passionate by Billy Wills

Honorable Mention – Cast a Net by Allen Irby

Cast a Net by Allen Irby

Honorable Mention – The Crossing by Calvin Poole

The Crossing by Calvin Poole

Honorable Mention – Hummer by Allen Irby

Hummer by Allen Irby

Class 2 – Advanced

There were 18 Class 2 submissions with 4 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 1 honorable mention).

1st Place – Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law by Patti Mitchell

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law by Patti Mitchell

2nd Place – La Jolla Pier by Andrew Fritz

La Jolla Peir by Andrew Fritz

3rd Place – Shadows by Russ Morris

Shadows by Russ Morris

Honorable Mention – White Sands Formation by Andrew Fritz

White Sands Formation by Andrew Fritz

March 2018 Competition Results

The March 2018 competition was judged by Mark Heaps.

Class 1 First Place Winner Allen Irby. (Out of 29 submissions)
First Place: "Pretty Lady" by Allen Irby

First Place: “Pretty Lady” by Allen Irby

Class 1 Award Winners:

Second Place: “redfinder” by Chloe Hunter and Third Place: “PaddleSteamer” by Carol McAllen

Honorable Mentions:

“Still Life” by David Margulis, “Capture the Light” by Ruth Ann,  “Untitled” by Jerry Zerbst, and “Diamond Red Dazzle” by Ruth Ann

Class 2 First Place Winner by Steve Coyle (Out of 25 submissions)
First Place: Stand-Out by Steve Coyle

First Place: Stand-Out by Steve Coyle

Class 2 Award Winners

Second Place: “Lets Bloom Red” by Veachel S Dixon and Third Place: “Glamour” by Josh Baker

Honorable Mentions

“Red Leaf” by Russ Morris, “Sugar Fix” by Patti Mitchell, “Conflicted” by Josh Baker, and “Strawberry is the jam” by Ashley Piel

February 2018 Contest Results


This month’s contest theme “Oldies” was Judged by Andrew Fritz, NAPfS President and professional doing wedding, commercial, and nature photography. Members were allowed to submit any two images that were older than two years. The club’s usual rule is that images must be new, taken within two years. You can read submission guidelines and other rules here. February set a record for total submissions.

While critiquing the images Andrew’s advice included “bad weather makes for good photographs.” He praised images that drew him in visually, told a story, and had portraits with strong facial expressions. Although there were several “cute” cat and dog pictures, they would be improved he said by showing a relationship between owners and their pets or striking animal behaviors. Sharp focus on animal eyes is critical too. He also liked several building, beach, and tree images with strong geometric composition. Click an image to see a slide show.

Class 1 – Novice – 39 submissions

1st Class 1

First Place Class 1: Allen Irby, Boot Hill

Second Place: “Untitled” by Jerry Zerbst. Third Place: “Easter Buddy” by Allen Irby. Honorable Mention: “sunlight duchess” by Chloe Hunter. Honorable Mention: “On Town Lake” by Will Varley. Honorable Mention: “Colleen” by Patti Mitchell. Honorable Mention: “Dollyrama” by Marsha Robinson. Honorable Mention: “Beach Nomad” by Bri Thatcher. Honorable Mention: “dog jog beach” by Anthony Charles

Class 2 – Advanced – 21 submissions

1st Class 2

First Place, Class 2: Peter Livadas, “Say the Word”

First Place: “Say the word” by Peter Livadas. Second Place: “Canopy” by Veachel S Dixon. Third Place: “Looking Glass” by Veachel S Dixon. Honorable Mention: “Waiting” by Vance Strickland. Honorable Mention: “Butterfly Beauty” by Ashley Piel.

January Meeting Recap

We had a great first meeting in 2018 Thursday with 40 people attending at United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane.

Welcome back all 2017 NAPfS members. Just a reminder that its time to renew for 2018 by bringing a $24 check to a meeting or PayPal at our web site Thank you to the 37 members who have already paid for 2018.

Tonight persons who signed in as guests were Rodney Almodoyar, David Margulis, Juan Hedtler, Mark Wilson, Sylvia Anchia, Mary Kay Schamburech, Arlie Pfeifer, Bruce Jones, Michael Sunderman, Mayra Travino, and Amy Cooper. Two joined on the spot. (My apologies for misspelled names.) There were another 28 members who signed in. Continue reading »

January 2018 Contest Winners

Congratulations! January 2018 Winners

The contest judge was Laura DiMeo, RTF teacher at ACC, and also our guest speaker.

Class 1 – Novice – 29 submissions

Class 1 First Place: “The Hunter” by Cynthia Stein

Class 1 Winners: First Place: “The Hunter” by Cynthia Stein, Second Place: “Dragonfly at Rest” by Dave DeVore, Third Place: “Crystal Ball” by Cynthia Stein, Honorable Mention: “Frosted Decline” by Calvin Poole, Honorable Mention: “Double” by Stacy Wells, Honorable Mention: “Its been a long morning” by Calvin Poole, Honorable Mention: “What’s for Lunch” by Dave DeVore. [Click on image to see a slide show]

Class 2 – Advanced – 15 submissions

winner class 2

Class 2 First Place: “Leap” by Patti Mitchell

Class 2 Winners: First Place: “Leap” by Patti Mitchell, Second Place: “Scientist” by Andrew Fritz, Third Place: “Spider Caught a Fly” by Mark Donnell, Honorable Mention: “Shadows at Night” by Peter Livadas. [Click on image to see a slide show]


NAPƒS 2017 Pƒotographer of the Year

The North Austin Pƒotograhic Society 2017 ‘Pƒotographer of the Year’ is Patti Mitchell!

As evidenced below, Patti’s dominance throughout the year put her way ahead of all other Class 1 and Class 2 photographers when competition points were tallied in early November.

Patti joined the club and attended her first meeting in January 2017, immediately establishing her presence with a 1st place in Class 1 with her gorgeous picture, “Ecuadorian Jewel – Long-Tailed Sylph.”

Great photography is easily recognizable and Patti’s strong sense of composition, her love of nature, bold subject matter, and wonderful sense of humor all consistently helped sway judges in her favor.

As part of her Pfotographer of the Year Award, Patti received a $50 gift card from Precision Camera, a free framed fine art print, and a free 1 year Zenfolio membership.

Congratulations, Patti!

Empty Nesters

Honorable Mention
November 2, 2017

Empty Nesters by Patti Mitchell

Full Steam Ahead

2nd Place
September 7, 2017

Full Steam Ahead by Patti Mitchell

Turn About

3rd Place
September 7, 2017

Turn About by Patti Mitchell


Honorable Mention
August 3, 2017

Flap by Patti Mitchell


Honorable Mention
August 3, 2017

Overlook by Patti Mitchell

Heron Diving For Dinner

Honorable Mention
July 6, 2017

Heron Diving For Dinner by Patti Mitchell

Are You Listening

3rd Place
June 1, 2017

Are You Listening by Patti Mitchell

The Collector

1st Place
May 4, 2017

The Collector by Patti Mitchell

Ecuadorian Jewel – Long-Tailed Sylph

1st Place
March 2, 2017

Ecuadorian Jewel - Long-Tailed Sylph by Patti Mitchell

NAPƒS 2017 People’s Choice Award Winners

The 2017 NAPƒS People’s Choice Awards were chosen by members attending the December 7th Award Ceremony and Potluck.

Members voted for their 5 favorite pictures via paper ballot.

The monthly competition winners were arranged and numbered on a printed poster and displayed on a big-screen TV in a numbered slide show. The top 3 vote getters were awarded.

Congratulations Patti and Shawn!

1st place – Full Steam Ahead by Patti Mitchell

Full Steam Ahead by Patti Mitchell

Full Steam Ahead, Patti Mitchell

Honorable Mention – Curves in Dunes by Shawn Hutcherson

Curves in Dunes by Shawn Hutcherson

Curves in Dunes, Shawn Hutcherson

Honorable Mention – Where We Once Stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where we once stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where We Once Stood, Shawn Hutcherson

NAPƒS 2017 Critic’s Choice Award Winners

Our Critic’s Choice judge for 2017 was Randy Kerr, legendary Texas photographer and past NAPƒS speaker.

Randy’s comments…

This was really tough! So many many really nice images. I was left to go beyond what makes a great photograph because there were so many great ones. With that said, I made my choices based on three elements: storytelling, emotional transformation, and cultural purpose.

As I age, as time moves on and artists grow, those of us who influence others are responsible to educate the cultural necessity to be better storytellers of the human experience in culture and our fragile eco-systems. The selected images do this needed work on behalf of our world’s future.

1st place – Gary by Russ Morris

Gary by Russ Morris

Gary, Russ Morris

2nd Place – Galveston Tern by Ken Brennan

Galveston Tern by Ken Brennan

Galveston Tern, Ken Brennan

3rd Place – Where We Once Stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where we once stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where We Once Stood, Shawn Hutcherson

2017 Competition Award Winners Show

The North Austin Pƒotographic Society 2017 Competition Winners Show will run from Monday, January 29, 2018 until Sunday, March 25, 2018 at Precision Camera.

The reception will be held on Friday, February 9, 2018, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  


The image must have been an a monthly NAPfS competition award winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention, in either class) during 2017  – check here to see if you were a winner!


  • Photos must hang for the entire show period (Monday, January 29, 2018 until Sunday, March 25, 201).
    Accommodations for late hanging of images also in the Pflugerville Library show will be made provided you get per-approval for the image.
  • Images must be framed and matted.
    Prints should be between 12″ and 18″ on the long side.
    Mats should be 2″ to 4″.
    Frame size will be between 16″ and 26″ on the long edge.
  • Frames must have wire hangers. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS.
  • Space is limited.
    To allow the maximum number of people to hang their images, and depending on participation, there may be a limit on the number of prints each club member can hang. If you have multiple winning images, plan on selecting 2 or 3 of your favorites.
  • Submit only winning images.
    Images hung during this show must have won an award during monthly competition in 2017.
  • Photographers submitting their work are solely responsible for it. Precision Camera & Video and NAPfS take no responsibility for damage that may occur to the prints or mounting. Remember, this is a show in a very public space.
  • Submission deadline is Friday, January 5th, 2017.
  • Photographers will be notified of the maximum number of pieces they may hang no later than Sunday, January 7, 2017.


Drop Off

1/26/2018 – 1/27/2018
Friday, January 26 from 10AM to 7PM
Saturday, January 27 from 10AM to 6PM

Precision Camera
2438 W Anderson Ln B-4
Austin, TX 78757


Sunday, January 28 – time TBD, and we’ll need 3 or 4 volunteers

Take Down

Monday, March 26 – time TBD, and we’ll need 2 volunteers.

Pick up

3/26/2018 – 3/28/2018
Monday, March 26 through Wednesday March 28, 10AM to 7PM.