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March 2018 Competition Results

The March 2018 competition was judged by Mark Heaps.

Class 1 First Place Winner Allen Irby. (Out of 29 submissions)
First Place: "Pretty Lady" by Allen Irby

First Place: “Pretty Lady” by Allen Irby

Class 1 Award Winners:

Second Place: “redfinder” by Chloe Hunter and Third Place: “PaddleSteamer” by Carol McAllen

Honorable Mentions:

“Still Life” by David Margulis, “Capture the Light” by Ruth Ann,  “Untitled” by Jerry Zerbst, and “Diamond Red Dazzle” by Ruth Ann

Class 2 First Place Winner by Steve Coyle (Out of 25 submissions)
First Place: Stand-Out by Steve Coyle

First Place: Stand-Out by Steve Coyle

Class 2 Award Winners

Second Place: “Lets Bloom Red” by Veachel S Dixon and Third Place: “Glamour” by Josh Baker

Honorable Mentions

“Red Leaf” by Russ Morris, “Sugar Fix” by Patti Mitchell, “Conflicted” by Josh Baker, and “Strawberry is the jam” by Ashley Piel