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October 2018 Digital Competition Results

Eyes by Allen Irby

The October 2018 Digital Competition was open themed and judged by Lesley Nowlin Blessing, our speaker for the evening. Class 1 – Novice There were 20 Class 1 submissions with 5 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 honorable mentions). 1st Place – Eyes by Allen Irby 2nd Place – Three Tiny Flowers in Vials by Ruth Masciarelli 3rd Place – Peekin Around Pedro by Dennis … Continue reading October 2018 Digital Competition Results »

May 2018 Competition Results

I see you by Arlie Pfeifer

The May 2018 Digital Competition was open themed and judged by Casey Holder, our speaker for the evening. There were 44 Class 1 – Novice submissions with 10 awards and 20 Class 2 – Advanced submissions with 5 awards.

April 2018 Competition Results

Vocholandia by Peter Livadas

The April 2018 Digital Competition was open themed and judged by Geoff Hammond, our speaker for the evening. There were 37 Class 1 submissions with 9 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6 honorable mentions) and 22 Class 2 submissions with 5 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 honorable mentions).

Results – August 2017

The August 2017 Member Competition was open themed and judged by Amy Cooper.

To enter future photo club competitions, please join and then submit your images. If it’s your first time submitting, please be sure to review the competition rules.

Class 1

There were 30 Class 1 submissions with 7 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4 honorable mentions).

1st – Woman of Dusk by Hannah Leblanc

Woman of Dusk by Hannah Leblanc

2nd – Bird on the Water by Anthony Charles

Bird on the Water by Anthony Charles

3rd – Rocking Rooster by Anthony Charles

Rocking Rooster by Anthony Charles

Honorable Mention – Overlook by Patti Mitchell

Overlook by Patti Mitchell

Honorable Mention – Flap by Patti Mitchell

Flap by Patti Mitchell

Honorable Mention – Ready for the Rain by Michele Johnson

Ready for the Rain by Michele Johnson

Honorable Mention – Punks on Parade by Brian Nixon

Punks On Parade by Brian Nixon

Class 2

There were 18 Class 2 submissions with 4 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention).

1st – Gary by Russ Morris

Gary by Russ Morris

2nd – My Favorite Tabby by Kimberly Fore

My Favorite Tabby by Kimberly Fore

3rd – They Get Around by Joshua Guenther

They Get Around by Joshua Guenther

Honorable Mention – Tiny white flowers by Russ Morris

Tiny white flowers by Russ Morris


NAPƒS Membership

NAPƒS Membership

We’re a few weeks from halfway through 2017 and we’re up to 55 official members. That means we still need 45 folks to join up before year’s end to reach our goal of 100 NAPƒS members.

We’ve had really great speakers in the past year, local experts like Randy Kerr, Chris Sherman, Amy Jasek, and George Brainard plus member presentations from awesome, talented folks like Chris Cina and Bill Bunton. Not to mention the extremely informative Copyright/Contracts presentation by Eleanor Ruffner and Natalie Lynch just last week!

We have excellent speakers lined up in the months ahead, and we’re already getting our 2018 schedule in order.

It’s so cool that you’ve pitched in, not only by joining, but with your participation in the monthly member print exhibition, the quarterly field trips, and my favorite activity, the monthly photo competition. Thank you.

Now it’s time to step it up. If you know anyone that has as much fun with photography as we do, invite them to one of the 5 remaining 2017 meetings and encourage them to join and participate.

Let’s hit that 100 member goal!

2017 – A Year of Growth and New Things

We just finished our first full year of club and it went great. And we are working to make 2017 bigger, better and more PHOTOCLUBY! Below are the new leadership team, as well as our plan. Don't see something you want or think we should do? Tell us! This is a club for the members, of the members and run by the members.


2017 is NAPfS' second year and our first with a more robust leaderhsip team. Everyone please welcome your *fully volunteer* leadership team for 2017:

Tani James


Photo by Danny Matson

Andrew Fritz

Vice President & Competition Coordinator

Andrew Fritz Headshot

Charlotte Wright

Program Coordinator

Russ Morris

Marketing & PR


Print Competitions

2017 will be an exciting year for competitions at NAPfS. We will continue having monthly digital competitions with live critiques from rotating and visiting judges. There will continue to be two classes, Class 1 - Novice and Class 2 - Advanced. The club will add a print competition starting in July where club members bring physical prints on paper and the prints themselves are judged. Like the live critiqued digital competition, the print competition will provide everyone present with valuable feedback. It will also provide an oppritunity for club members to begin to learn and practice the craft of printing, taking what are mostly digital creations in their computers and turning them into works of real physical art.

People Choice Award and Photographer of the Year

In 2017 the club will repeat the "People Choice Award" allowing the club membership to select their favorite images from all the competition winners. In addition, the club will run a year long points based competition. Each image that places in a competition will earn the photographer points based on the award it receives. At the end of the year, the club will award the photographer with the most overall points, regardless of digital class or print the "Photographer of the Year" award. This competition will work in a similar way to drivers championships in automotive racing. Stay tuned for details on how the points competition will be scored.

2017 Themes

2017 competitions will include more themes. The themes will be dovetailed with our educational speakers and field trips. Months not listed are "Open" and do not have a theme.

  • February - Oldies Night. There is no theme per-se, but the "taken in the last 2 years" restriction is lifted. Dig into your archive if you want and find those favorite oldies you made way back in 2014.
  • March - Colorful
  • May - Spring Explosion
  • July - Moment of Impact
  • September - Petal 2 the Metal
  • November - Faces of Man
  • December - No Normal Competition. Annual Party and Yearly Awards - People's Choice and Photographer of the Year.

To give everyone plenty of time to go out and make images for the 2018 themes, we've designated those as well, but not assigned them to months yet. The 2018 themes in no particular order are:

  • Blur
  • Night Time Photography
  • Sunset/Sunrise
  • Famous Destinations
  • Faces of Man

Member Print Exhibition

We will have one member per meeting present a selection of prints of their choosing during the 7:00 to 7:30 meet and greet portion. Members will use this time to browse the images. At the start of the meeting, the exhibiting member will give a short (~5 minute or so) explanation of the exhibit prior to the meeting's other activities.

Field Trips

2017 will see more field trips. The club will host at least 4 official field trips. Our plans are to have the following:

  • Spring - Lysts on the Lake. Knightly combat including full contact jousting, sword fighting and other western martial arts.
  • Early Summer - Wildseed Farms. Visit a wild flower farm in the heart of the Texas hill country.
  • Late Summer - Cars and Coffee. Tag along to Austin's biggest car meet with everything from modern hyper cars to classic rods.
  • Fall - Viva la Vida. Photograph the Day of the Dead Parade in Austin.

Other members may suggest and run field trips. It's easy. Just let one of the leadership team know what you want to do. We'll collect some information and publicize it to the club members.

Good Financial Foundation

Thus far the club has existed mostly on favors from various club members and our connections. However, going forward the club will require some minimum cash flow to do things like rent venues and pay speakers small stipends for speaking and judging. By paying for a location, we can remove the ongoing labor of finding a location and have access to venues we otherwise wouldn't. This will free the leadership team up to concentrate on providing better educational and inspirational opportunities.

Starting in January of 2017, the club will collect dues of $24/year (that is ONLY $2/month). Competitions, field trips and other club sponsored activities (we have other stuff in he works!) will be "members only". The meeting will still be free to attend, but we will encourage those attending regularly to join. After all, it is only $2/month and it will help the club grow and flourish.

The Small Print: Memberships are not prorated. It's $24 whenever you join during 2017. For logistics reasons anyone may enter January and February's competitions under the assumption that they still need to pay since we will still be gathering dues from everyone. However, after February, non-member images will be rejected. New members may enter their first competition once their dues are received.

Stay tuned for information on how to official join the club and pay your 2017 dues.