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3rd Thursday Tripod Workshop with Phil Hawkins – January 17, 2019


Tripod technique, tricks, and tips with Phil Hawkins, NAPfS 2019 President, and professional landscape photographer  TIME: 7-9 PM DATE: Thursday, January 17th, 2019 LOCATION: United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP This is a members only meeting; however, if you’d like to join, please do so prior to the event, and you are welcome to attend. Agenda 7:00-7:15 PM Meet & … Continue reading 3rd Thursday Tripod Workshop with Phil Hawkins – January 17, 2019 »

Dave DeVore – Member Presentation – African Photo Safari – Feb 1, 2018

Lion - Dave DeVore

The 2nd NAPƒS meeting of 2018 will be held Thursday, February 1st starting at 7PM. The meeting location is United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP Agenda 7:00-7:15PM Meet & Greet, Member Print Exhibition Q & A 7:15-7:30PM Announcements, New member introductions 7:30-9:00PM Guest Speaker/ Judge Introductions, Club Competition, Presentation Member Print Exhibition During the meet and greet, NAPƒS Club … Continue reading Dave DeVore – Member Presentation – African Photo Safari – Feb 1, 2018 »

Results – September 2016

September’s competition was open (no theme). Our guest judge was the amazing Randy Kerr.

Class 1

We had 20 class 1 entries with 5 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2x honorable mention).

1st – Water Rings by Kimberly Fore


2nd – Bridal Beauty by Ashley Piel


3rd – Morning Light by Malinda Baum


Honorable Mentions

Class 2

We had 11 entries in class 2 with 2 awards (1st and 2nd). The winning images are below.

1st – Northern New Mexico by Sirrah Lore

Sirrah Lore - Northern NM

2nd – Held Grapes by Josh Baker

Josh Baker - Held Grapes



Results – June 2016

June’s competition was open (no theme). Sports Photojournalist Jamie Harms was our judge for the meeting. The winning images are below.

Class 1

We had 21 class 1 entries with 5 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd and two honorable mentions).

1st – Openly Yellow by Chloe Hunter

Chloe Hunter%openly yellow

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

The exposure of the sunflower and the sky are perfect, bright and colorful. The focus on the sunflower and bee are tack sharp with the right depth of field to make the image nice to look at. 

2nd – Red Poppies by Russ Morris

Russ Morris%Red Poppies 2

3rd – Refueling by Chloe Hunter

Chloe Hunter%refueling

Honorable Mentions

Class 2

We had 10 entries in class 2 with 3 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The winning images are below.

1st – Purple & Yellow by Josh Baker

Josh Baker%Purple & Yellow


The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

This is a fun and original image with perfect focus and depth of field. The purple and yellow of the jaw breakers juxtaposed with the reversed background is simple but brilliant. The post processing of the skin is natural and not over done. Just a great all around shot.

2nd – Good Morning Tetons by Bill Bunton


Bill Bunton%Good Morning Tetons

3rd – Get Away from My Wife by Andrew Fritz

Andrew Fritz%Get Away from my Wife

Results – Feb 2016

Club founder Andrew Fritz was our judge tonight for our first competition with multiple classes.

Class 1

We had 25 class 1 entries with 6 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 3 honorable mentions).

1st – Misty Morning by Carol McAllen

Misty Morning_Carol McAllen

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

This is a great landscape photo. The photographer hit all the key elements. They were there at the right time of day (early morning presumably), during the right time of year (leaves changing) under the right conditions (mist rising over the creek). The composition is pleasingly broken into triangular elements.

2nd – Cambodian Mother and Child – Janet White

Cambodian Mother and Child_Janet White

3rd – Palacious Shrimper by Dennis Isenberg

Palacious Shrimper_Dennis Isenberg

Honorable Mentions

Class 2

We had 17 entries in class 2 with 4 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1 honorable mention). The winning images are below.

1st – The Eyes Have It by Keith MitchellThe Eyes Have In_Keith Mitchell

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

Photos of babies are hard to make interesting to viewers beyond the friends and family context. This photo transcends that. While the lighting and post processing are good, what really makes the photo is the babies eyes. They are staring straight and intensely into the camera which creates a connection with the viewer.

2nd – Maty by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Maty_Elizabeth Zimmerman

3rd – A Gargoyles View by Travis Johnson

A Gargoyles View_Travis Johnson

Honorable Mention – Drowning in Love by Emily Crowell-Stevens

Drowning in Love_Emily Crowell-Stevens

Meeting: Thursday, Feb 4th 2016

NAPfS’s February 2016 meeting will be held on Feb 4th, 2016 starting at 7PM. The club meets at Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock.

The meeting schedule is:

7:00PM – Meet and Greet
7:30PM – Monthly Competition
8:00PM – Member Presentation

If you can’t arrive at 7, don’t sweat it. The competition doesn’t start until 7:30PM and the speaker doesn’t start until 8:00PM.

Monthly Competition

This month’s competition is Oldies Night with an open theme. Images of any age (not just from the last 2 years) are allowed. Image submission will open on 1/26/2016 and close on 2/2/2016 at midnight. Club member Andrew Fritz will be judging.

Participants will be divided into two classes. Each club member will choose which class to enter. For more information, see this post.

Submit your competition images here.

Speaker – Emily Crowell-Stevens

About Emily

DSC_5166Emily Crowell-Stevens is exited to be sharing with us about her summer 2015 travels at the February meeting. She is studying mechanical engineering at The University of Texas and is a photography director for the engineering magazine Vector. Being technically-minded, yet also creative, she gravitated towards photography, where the two skill sets can be applied. Over the past year, she has been exploring astrophotography and learning to manipulate lighting in her photographs. To see her travel blog go to www.emilycrowell.wordpress.com and for more of her work visit www.emilymariephotography.org.

Two Months and Eleven Countries: Photos of Europe

This February we will hear from our own NAPfS member, Emily Crowell-Stevens, about her summer adventure traveling to 11 countries over a span of two months. Join us as she shares her photographs from the unique places visited. She will be discussing the excitements and challenges she faced in photographing her trip.

DSC_0651-3 DSC_0761-2 DSC_8459

Results – January 2016

Our second competition was judged by Geoff Hammond, a classically trained photographer working for clients, producing stock photography and who has a background evaluating images for iStock Photo. We had 22 entries and gave out 6 awards, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3 honorable mentions. The winning images are below.

1st Place – The Astrophotographer by Andrew Fritz

Andrew Fritz - The Astrophotographer

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

While the technical skill of this image is obvious, the feeling communicated is what completes this image. There is a definite sense of awe from the silhouetted photographer.

2nd – Najatt in Gold by Joshua Baker

Joshua Baker - Najatt in Gold

3rd – Proud Fella by Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson - Proud Fella

Honorable Mentions