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NAPƒS 2017 Critic’s Choice Award Winners

Our Critic’s Choice judge for 2017 was Randy Kerr, legendary Texas photographer and past NAPƒS speaker.

Randy’s comments…

This was really tough! So many many really nice images. I was left to go beyond what makes a great photograph because there were so many great ones. With that said, I made my choices based on three elements: storytelling, emotional transformation, and cultural purpose.

As I age, as time moves on and artists grow, those of us who influence others are responsible to educate the cultural necessity to be better storytellers of the human experience in culture and our fragile eco-systems. The selected images do this needed work on behalf of our world’s future.

1st place – Gary by Russ Morris

Gary by Russ Morris

Gary, Russ Morris

2nd Place – Galveston Tern by Ken Brennan

Galveston Tern by Ken Brennan

Galveston Tern, Ken Brennan

3rd Place – Where We Once Stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where we once stood by Shawn Hutcherson

Where We Once Stood, Shawn Hutcherson