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January Meeting Recap

We had a great first meeting in 2018 Thursday with 40 people attending at United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane.

Welcome back all 2017 NAPfS members. Just a reminder that its time to renew for 2018 by bringing a $24 check to a meeting or PayPal at our web site https://napfs.club/joining-napfs/. Thank you to the 37 members who have already paid for 2018.

Tonight persons who signed in as guests were Rodney Almodoyar, David Margulis, Juan Hedtler, Mark Wilson, Sylvia Anchia, Mary Kay Schamburech, Arlie Pfeifer, Bruce Jones, Michael Sunderman, Mayra Travino, and Amy Cooper. Two joined on the spot. (My apologies for misspelled names.) There were another 28 members who signed in. Continue reading »