Member Spotlight – February 2019 – Brian Nixon

5 Questions for Brian Nixon

Tell us about yourself

My name is Brian Nixon, I’m from South Padre Island and have been living in Austin since 1999.  I’ve been a photographer for about 19 years now, but only recently made the jump from casual to professional in the last 4 years.


What is it that interests you most about photography?

I want to say what interests me most about photography is its ability to capture a moment in time, right down to the second.  I like to shoot anywhere, in truth.  I’ve always said it’s annoying to date a photographer, because simple walks can take hours.  I am always looking out to capture that one moment, so when people see my work, they feel what I felt when I took that image.  I’m really enjoying Jason Lee’s Instant Film series, and I also love street photography and have a strange fascination with mid-19th Century crime scene photography.

Brian Nixon - Smiling on the Inside

Brian Nixon – Smiling on the Inside

What kind of of photographs do you like to make?

Anything that captures my eye.  If I had to choose, I prefer candids, shooting Live Shows and Architecture and Street Photography.  Also, I gravitate towards the darker sides of things.

Brian Nixon - It Got Bloody

Brian Nixon – It Got Bloody

What is most rewarding about learning photography?

The most rewarding thing about learning photography … it’s a skill set that allows me to chronicle human life and history – it might not be an iconic moment in history, but I’ve now become a chronicler of history in a way.  Photography allows me to give back to the community through art.

Brian Nixon - Sun Sets On Bridge City

Brian Nixon – Sun Sets On Bridge City

Can you share any tips about your experiences with photography so far?

Always think outside the frame (or outside the box as it were). Don’t be afraid to take chances and to screw up.  Those mistakes can easily become happy mistakes and some of your best images.

Brian Nixon print exhibit images

Brian Nixon print exhibit images

The NAPfS is delighted that Brian is a member and wish him the best of success in his photographic endeavors.  See more of Brian’s work at and