Joining NAPfS

Pow by Josh Baker

Anyone may attend up to three club meetings free of charge. Club member guest are always welcome. Only club members can participate in monthly competitions and other club sponsored activities, such as portfolio projects or live critiques.

Club member dues help fund club activities. The more members we have, the more we can do together!

Benefits of becoming a NAPfS member:

  • Enter photos in monthly digital and print competitions.
  • Compete in the annual “Photographer of the Year.”
  • Complete in the annual “Peoples’ Choice Awards”.
  • Attend club sponsored field trips.
  • Exhibit photography during the “Member Exhibit” portion of club meetings.
  • Submit images to club organized public photography shows (ex: annual Pflugerville Library Show).
  • Bring a guest!
  • Take part in club leadership, and governance.

Annual membership renewal occurs during November and December at a cost of $24.

If you join between January and August, the cost of membership remains $24.

If you join during September or October membership is $36 – $12 for the remainder of the current year plus $24 for the next year.

Join or Renew

2018 Membership Due:

Adult: $24.
Kids (15 and under): $0 – Free!

2019 Membership Dues:

Adult: $24.
Kids (15 and under): $0 – Free!

Just Need to Pay? If you have already filled out the form this year but somehow didn’t pay, here is a link to the payment page with instructions. Payment Instructions

Joining is a 2 step process. First, fill in your contact information. Upon completion, you will be taken to a payment page. Your membership is not finalized until your membership due is received.