How to Keep Club Email from Spam Folders

Email from the North Austin Pfotographic Society (NAPfS) sometimes (usually?) is marked as spam. One example of this is the “Competition Entry Confirmation” message that is sent when competition images are submitted.>

NAPfS uses three email addresses:


To keep these messages out of your spam folder (or, in gmail terms, “label”), you should either put these email addresses into your contacts (a “whitelist“) or create a filter. The procedure for doing this depends on your email program. Since gmail is probably the most common email program, the procedures for it are shown below.


Gmail is probably the most widely used email app. Included below are hints for looking at the spam folder, how to add contacts to gmail, and how to add a filter to gmail.

Note: gmail uses the terminology “label” instead of “folder”. This is because messages can be tagged with multiple labels and thus appear in multiple “folders”.

Accessing the Gmail spam Label (Folder)

The instructions below are for desktop gmail access via a web browser. The mobile versions have similar procedures, although the means of getting to them are different.

The gmail spam label is normally hidden. To access it, go to the label list on the left side of the main gmail screen (in a desktop) or access the label menu in the gmail app. Scroll down – you might need to click on “More” to see it. If you want to make sure you see it, go to “Settings” and click on the “Labels” tab. To the right of the “Spam” label are three options: “show”, “hide”, and “show if unread”. Select “show” or “show if unread”.

Click on any of the screenshots below to see a larger image.

Adding NAPfS as a Gmail Contact

When an email address is added as a contact, gmail does not consider that to be spam. To open the contact list from a browser, click on the 9 dots arranged in a square next to the icon with your name or initial (upper right portion of the screen). Then click on “Contacts” (see screenshot below).

Opening the Gmail Contacts

In the upper left corner of the “Contacts” page, click on “Create Contact”. Multiple email addresses can be added to a contact as shown below.

Gmail Contact Form

Creating a Gmail Filter

Another way to avoid spam is to create a filter. This is a little more complicated than the “contact” method since a separate filter must be created for each email address.

In the main Gmail window, click on “Search mail”. Oh the right side of the search window is a downward pointing triangle; click on it to open the filter creation window.

First Part of Creating a Filter

Add the email address to be filtered into the “From” line. Click on “Create Filter”. On the next page, click on “Never send it to Spam”.

Check “Never send it to Spam”

You can also click any of the other boxes that you choose. Finally, click on “Create Filter”.

You can edit your filters or delete them by going to “Settings” and selecting the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.

Editing or Deleting a Filter