Competition Submission

January 2020 Digital Competition

Theme: “Oldies”

The normal 2 year restriction for this open themed night does not apply.  Dig into the archives and let’s see your favorites!  You may submit any of your images which have not previously won any NAPfS competition awards.

Submission Deadline: Midnight Saturday, December 28, 2019

Note that there is no competition in December.

For full rules, see the Competition Rules.

Pick a competition class. See this post for more information. If in doubt, pick Class 1 – Novice.


  • You must be a paid member in 2019 prior to submitting. Join or Renew here.
  • Maximum 2 images per Club Member each month.
  • No more than 2 years old on competition night (except for oldies competitions).
  • You may not submit images that have previously won an award in club competition. You may resubmit images that have not won previously.
  • If you can’t do it with this form in one go, you are probably trying to do something not allowed.
  • Lastly, If you don’t receive a confirmation email within one hour, there’s either something hinky with your submission or it has been marked as spam. Let us know you’re having problems @ Before reporting a problem, please check your “spam” folder to make sure it wasn’t reported as spam.  If your email program has a spam filter, be sure to allow email from the addresses shown below.  The procedure for adding these addresses as contacts or filters to gmail can be seem by clicking here.

And, from our Competition Rules page:

  • Less than 4 megabytes (MB) file size
  • Recommended Bounding Box: 3840 x 2160
  • File Format: JPG
  • Color Profile: sRGB
  • No Borders or Watermarks
  • File name must be “Title-Photographer’s Name.jpg” (see the next paragraph or the “Competition Rules” page)

File Naming Format

The file names for submitted photos must adhere to the following format: title, hyphen, and photographer’s name.  For example, if Jane Doe submits a photograph named “Sunrise over the Ocean”, the file name should be:

“Sunrise over the Ocean-Jane Doe.jpg”

It is important that the file name contain one and only one hyphen separating the title from the photographer’s name.  The reason for this name format is that the competition software automatically parses the file name to determine the title and name.  The judge is then given the title, but not the photographer’s name in order to assure impartiality.   If the file name does not follow this format, a member of the competition committee must manually change the name, and this takes time and effort.

Submit Your Entries

Having issues? If you have difficulties submitting your image(s) or questions, email Please do not wait until the last minute to submit. Images must be in by the posted submission deadline regardless of any technical difficulties.