2017 Themes

Themes are intentionally open ended. You can be creative in their interpretation, however, the competition judge has absolute authority to disqualify an image for not meeting the theme.

Your image needs to match the theme visually without explanation. If you’re too clever, the judge may not get it.

The 2017 competition themes are…


January – Open theme
February – Oldies Night

Any 2 photos can be entered, and the normal 2 year restriction for this open themed month does not apply.

March – Colorful

Submit images that show your use of color in the most imaginative ways. Here’s a chance to show your creative side!

April – Open theme
May – Spring Explosion

It’s that time of year, when Mother Nature starts to strut her stuff and with Spring in full bloom it’s a photographer’s dream. Especially here in Central Texas – Bluebonnets, Red Poppies, Texas Paintbrush, Firewheel and every color imaginable popping out of the ground and waiting for you and your camera.

June – Open theme
July – Moment of Impact

moment [noun, moh-muh nt] an indefinitely short period of time; instant.
impact [noun, im-pakt] the striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; collision.
Got it? Well then, go get it! But be careful, please…

August – Open theme
September – Pedal to the Metal

Think speed. Think quick. Think fast. Think zoom. Anything that’s moving, or anything that looks like it’s moving even if it’s not!

October – Open theme
November – Faces of Man

… of women. Children. Friends. Strangers. Neighbors. Humanity. Faces. Submit your best portraits…

December – NAPƒS People’s Choice/Best of 2017 Awards

There is no competition in December. The last meeting of the year is dedicated to the 2nd Annual NAPƒS People’s Choice/Best of 2017 Awards. Members attending the December meeting will vote for their favorite images from all 2017 competition winners via paper ballot. This is a mostly social gathering and pot luck. It’s a great way to support fellow members. And, well, food. Yum!