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North Austin Pfotographic Society organizes regular field trips for club members. Club leadership coordinates four photo outings per year. Each of the four outings is designed to create opportunities to make photos for an upcoming photo club competition themes. A club member leads each field trip.

In addition to the four main field trips, any photo cub member can organize a field trip. The club promotes it through the Facebook page. The main club organized field appear below. Some of the member organized field trips may only show up on the Facebook page.

Field trips are for members only. Luckily, it is only $24/year to join NAPfS and you can join online. Membership includes many benefits.

Are you a photo club member interested in leading a field trip? A photo outing could be anything from going to a jousting tournament to visiting an art gallery. A field trip could simply be social. Contact to start setting it up.

NAPƒS Field Trip – Viva la Vida, Day of the Dead Festival & Parade


Saturday, October 28, 2017 @ 10 a.m.

5th Street, between I-35 Northbound Frontage Road and Waller Street
Downtown Austin Map

Sponsored by Mexic-Arte Museum, the annual Viva la Vida Festival – Austin’s largest and longest-running Dia de los Muertos event – features a parade, a street festival, education activities, and art exhibits.

More info –

The set-up time for the parade will be from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., with the parade running from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Costumed participants will gather on 5th Street between I-35 Northbound Frontage Road and Waller Street.

The procession will march down 6th Street and end at 4th Street and Congress Avenue.

For the best opportunity to take portraits BEFORE the parade starts, the NAPfS club will meet-up at the staging location between 10:30 – 11 a.m.

Afterwards, we’ll gather for lunch to relax, share stories, and check out everyone’s images.

This NAPfS Field Trip is an excellent opportunity for you to make photos to submit to the November 2017 Faces of Man theme competition.

Paid parking is available at nearby garages and lots.

The October 2017 Viva la Vida Field Trip is being lead by Russ Morris.

Ask questions and please RSVP via the NAPƒS Facebook event page.

Please check back for details as the parade route and staging area are subject to change.

NAPƒS Field Trip – Cars and Coffee Austin, The Oasis on Lake Travis

Sunday, August 13 @ 9 a.m. 

The Oasis on Lake Travis
6550 Comanche Trail
Austin, Texas 78732

More info from the source –

The Cars and Coffee Austin “cruise-in” is open to all car types, but you’ll typically find more late model muscle cars, sports cars, and exotics at this meet-up. Happening the second Sunday of each month at The OASIS On Lake Travis, Cars and Coffee Austin is a charity based show with all proceeds benefitting the Central Texas Food Bank.

Mid-August in Central Texas means HOT! Dress accordingly – sunscreen, shorts, hat – keep hydrated, too.

Afterwards we’ll gather for lunch at the Tap Room (3rd floor of the Oasis complex) to relax, share stories, and check out everyone’s images.

This NAPfS Field Trip is an excellent opportunity for you to make photos to submit in the September 2017 Pedal to the Metal theme competition.

The August 2017 Cars and Coffee Field Trip is being lead by Andrew Fritz.

Ask questions and please RSVP via the NAPƒS Facebook event page.

NAPƒS Field Trip – Wildseed Farms, Red Corn Poppies in Full Bloom

Saturday, April 8 @ 10 a.m.

Wildseed Farms
100 Legacy Drive
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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Experience the awesome spectacle of Red Corn Poppies in full Spring bloom during this macro/landscape Field Trip to Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg. There are gardens aplenty overflowing with poppies, bluebonnets, and other Texas natives in full glory.

Afterwards we’ll gather for lunch at Wildseed Farms’ Brewbonnet Biergarten to relax, share stories, and check out everyone’s images.

This NAPfS Field Trip is an excellent opportunity for you to make photos to submit in the May 2017 Spring Explosion theme competition.

This April 2017 Wildseed Farms Trip is being lead by Tani James.

NAPƒS Field Trip – Lysts on the Lake, Competitive Jousting in Central Texas

Saturday, April 29 @ 9 a.m.

7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr
Austin, TX 78730 Map

More info –

NAPƒS will host its first field trip of 2017 on April 29 at Lysts on the Lake in West Austin. We’ll meet at the Curtain Theater near the parking area at 9 a.m. and get oriented before we enter.

This Field Trip is limited to 10 club members and individuals are responsible for their own admission ($23 on site, $20 online). Ask questions and please RSVP via the Facebook event page.

We’ll have access to photograph a portrait session with at least one jouster in full armor as well as other behind the scenes opportunities.

What to Expect at the Lysts

Lysts on the Lake is a western martial arts competition, which means it will be “knightly combat”. The competitions vary from year to year but the core remains the same. There will be full contact jousting with combatants galloping towards each other carrying frangible fifteen foot long lances. Their goal is not to unhorse the other rider (that is very dangerous and potentially deadly) but to break their own lance cleanly on the other rider’s shield, while providing a clean, well placed target with their own shield. Combatants riding against each other are not competing directly, but trying to earn points through a clean lance strike and break.

The event is a competition and not a show. Spectators can get relatively close and the view is unobstructed. There is only a low fence to set the boundary and give the horses a place (and reason) to stop. The jousts can be unpredictable. We often think of horses as grass fed motorcycles, but they are anything but. They are living creatures with moods, fears and their own skill sets. Jousting is as much about horsemanship and the rider/horse relationship as it is about holding the lance.

Beyond the jousting there will likely be armored foot combat or demonstrations using swords, pikes and halberds (referred to by the combatants as “medieval can openers”). There will also be a mounted melee where fully armored riders attack each other with wooden maces (heavy oversized baseball bats) trying to score hard hits. The combatants call this “Whack Bonk” which captures the spirit pretty well. There is also a hunt course where riders gallop through the pecan bottom firing bows, striking apples with swords and jumping obstacles.

When not competing, combatants will be around (in or out of their armor) and are friendly. The armor is all custom made, much is period correct and built using historical methods: a forge, a hammer, and anvil, and is a marvel of craftsmanship in and of itself. Opportunities to make images of the details of the sport will be plentiful. We will attempt to arrange a portrait session with one ore more fully armored knights as well.

Suggested Photo Gear

The Lysts is a combination of sporting event and portrait session. The events take part during the day under bright natural light. You will need a relatively long lens to get “close” to the action during combat. A 70-200 is generally sufficient, but longer lenses can be fun. Likewise, a wider lens (50mm or 35mm) can be fun for capturing the entire scene. Flashes can’t be used during combat (due to distance) or around the horses (it can spook them), but may be useful during the portrait and detail portions of the day

Bring Your Own Lunch

Ice chests are allowed, and since concessions may not be available, bringing your own food and drink is advisable. There’s easy back and forth access to the parking area.

Miscellaneous Necessities

– Sunscreen and Bug Spray
– Durable clothes
– Lawn Chair (optional)

This NAPfS Field Trip is an excellent opportunity for you to make photos to submit in the July 2017 Moment of Impact theme competition.

This April 2017 Lysts on the Lake Field Trip is being lead by Andrew Fritz and Josh Baker.

Field Trip: Liendo Plantation Civil War Weekend

This is an RSVP only event. See below to RSVP by Nov 12th.

Keith Mitchell will lead a field trip for club participants to play the part of photo journalists at the Liendo Plantation Civil War Weekend. The event takes place November 19 and 20 at the Liendo Plantation near Hempstead, Texas. Club members will get special access to areas not open to the public thanks to Keith on Saturday the 19th.

For more info on the event:

When: Led by Keith: Saturday, Nov 19th, 2016.
Club members agreeing to Liendo’s image sharing policy will have free access to the entire weekend 11/18-11/20
Where: Liendo Plantation, Hempstead
Address: 38653 Wyatt Chapel Rd, Hempstead, TX 77445

Liendo’s image sharing policy: Club members will have press passes for participants who fill out the form. These passes will wave the event registration fee and the plan is that we will have opportunities to photograph in locations not open to the public. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign an agreement saying you will provide the Liendo Plantation with full size digital copies of your images that can be used in marketing their event and location.

Clothes and Equipment

Clothes: This field trip will involve a lot of walking. Please wear sturdy shoes. Those attending the tactical battle on Saturday morning should wear long sturdy pants. All participants should be prepared for diverse weather conditions including rain, cold and heat (it’s Nov in TX so it might be 90 and sunny or 40 and raining or any other combination).

Camera: Tactical battle attendees will need a telephoto lens (200mm+) to capture the action well and should plan to travel light. An additional wide angle lens (ex. 35mm) may be occasionally useful.

Saturday, Nov 19th Schedule

The schedule below is subject to change. Keith will keep everyone who RSVPs up to date via email.

Most of the activities take place on Saturday the 19th. You may want to spend the night of the 18th in a local hotel so that you can be onsite bright and early, but you certainly could drive early from Austin Saturday morning. If you choose to photograph on the 20th, your press pass will get you access; however Keith will only be attending the 19th so you will be on your own.

7AM: Tactical Battle – Weather & Conditions Allowing – Maximum of 5 people by RSVP order – 18 years of age or older only.
The tactical battle takes place away from public view and is a realistic war game conducted like a civil war battle. That means there are charging cavalry as well as canons, and rifles being used (all without projectiles). Any of these could result in severe injuries if encountered directly. Photographers will be required to stay clear of the battle and photograph from a distance, but also must stay alert and clear of the battle as it shifts. A telephoto lens (200mm+) is required. Sturdy shoes and long pants are required. All participants must be 18+ years of age.

10AM-2PM: Public Events
Numerous events occur around the plantation during the morning. Keith will provide details and lead the group during this time.

2PM: Public Battle
The public battle occur in a large open field (1.5x a football field) with the public watching from bleachers.

Notes from Keith:

The Liendo Plantation Civil War Weekend has scheduled events Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Our club organized participation is only for Saturday Events. If you wish to participate in the event with the special access privileges you will need to register by November 12th.
If you wish to participate in the sunrise tactical battle on Saturday, you probably will want to stay in a local hotel Friday night. We have no guarantee the tactical battle will take place, only that it is planned.  I’ll notify you of a meeting time and place on the plantation grounds via email when it is known. To keep from disturbing the realism of the tactical battle, we will restrict club participation to 5 people with 200mm or longer lenses being required.  The rest of the events have no such restrictions.  A more detailed Saturday schedule will be emailed to registered participants as it is known. The public battle is always at 2pm Saturday


Field Trip: Modern Rocks Gallery, Feb 13th 11AM

NAPfS will host it’s first member organized field trip on February 13th at the Modern Rocks Gallery in SE Austin. Meet at the gallery entrance at 11AM. The group will tour the gallery, do a short photo walk (bring your camera) in the area and then walk to a nearby restaurant for a relaxed lunch.


916 Springdale Road
Canopy Building 3, Unit 103
Austin, Texas 78702

Contact Sabrena Rexing with questions.

Please RSVP via the facebook event page.