2020 Leadership

Meet the 2020 Leadership Team

Leadership elections are held every November and any paid member may be nominated.

If you’re a paid member that has a specific skill or background that might benefit the club in any way and are interested in volunteering, contact Web@NAPfS.club or talk to any of the people listed above at a club meeting.

Elected Officers

  • President - Josh Baker
  • Vice President & Brand Manager - Patti Mitchell
  • Membership/Secretary - Clay Leben
  • Treasurer - Michele Johnson
  • Competition Coordinator - Mark Laussade
  • Program Coordinators - Allen Irby
  • Marketing Coordinator - Ed Peet


Photo of Josh Baker, judge, by Geoff Hammond.

Josh Baker, President

Patti Mitchell, Vice President

Secretary & Membership

Clay Leben, Secretary/Membership

Michele Johnson

Michele Johnson, Treasurer

Mark Laussade, Competition Coordinator

Ed Peet

Ed Peet, Marketing Coordinator

Allen Irby, Program Coordinator

Committee Members

Bill Bunton

Bill Bunton, Programs

Russ Morris

Russ Morris, Competition

Stephen Brkich, Competition

Mary Day Long, Competition