2020 Competition Themes

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Themes are intentionally open ended. You can be creative in their interpretation, however, the competition judges have absolute authority to disqualify an image for not meeting the theme.

Your image needs to match the theme visually without explanation. If you’re too clever, the judge may not get it.

Open theme competitions accept any images covering any subject.

The 2020 competition themes are…

  • January – Oldies Night – The normal 2 year restriction for this open themed month does not apply.  Dig into the archives and let’s see your favorites!
  • February – Open
  • March – “Leading Lines”
  • April – Open
  • May – “Reflections”
  • June – Open
  • July – “Cityscapes”
  • August – Open
  • September – “Nightshots”
  • October – Open
  • November – “The Decisive Moment”
  • December – The 5th Annual NAPƒS Awards Ceremony & Year-end Potluck.
    • There is no competition in December. The last meeting of the year is dedicated to the 5th Annual NAPƒS Awards Ceremony & Year-end Potluck, where the club’s Pfotographer of the Year, People’s Choice, and Critic’s Choice awards will be presented.
    • The Pfotographer of the Year, our NAPƒS member who amassed the most points in our 2020 monthly competitions will be announced.
    • Members attending the December meeting will pick their fave shot of 2020, the People’s Choice Award, from all competition winners via paper ballot.
    • One of our 2020 judges will present a Critic’s Choice Award, selected from all 2020 competition winners.
    • This is a mostly social gathering and pot luck. It’s a great way to support fellow members. And, well, food. Yum!