2019 Voting Results People’s Choice Award

The 2019 NAPƒS People’s Choice Digital Photography Awards were chosen by members both online and attending the December 5th Award Ceremony and holiday party.

Twenty-six members and guests at the party voted for their 5 favorite pictures via the napfs.club web site or via paper ballot at the December meeting. With 112 photos to choose from, it was not an easy task!  The top four photos are shown below.  In addition to the photo popularity, the photographers who received the most votes are also shown below.

Twelve people voted online and 12 people voted at the meeting with paper ballots.  Although everyone could have voted for 5 photos, not everyone did.  The 24 people who voted cast 106 votes for 60 photos taken by 30 photographers.

Congratulations to all – A special note needs to be made that winners came from all three classes, so it’s not just about being an “expert” – it’s about submitting your photos and putting yourself out there, and of course, taking a great shot!  For example, the grand prize winner is a “Class 1” photo.

The complete vote tally can be seen in the following PDF file.  This file contains five reports:

  • The photos sorted by number of votes received.  The winner is the first photo listed.  Photos which receive the same number of votes are sorted alphanumerically.
  • The photos sorted alphanumerically.
  • The photographers sorted by the number of votes received.  For each photographer, his/her photos are shown sorted by the number of votes each received.
  • The photographers sorted alphanumerically.
  • The names of the people who voted online.

Click here for the PDF containing the summary of the Peoples_choice voting for_2019.

People’s Choice Photo Winner and Runner Ups

1st place – Africa Tree Sunset by Reid Wittliff

“Africa Tree Sunset” received 8 votes

Africa Tree Sunset by Reid Wittliff

1st Runner Up – Moon Over Wheatfield by Mark Laussade

“Moon Over Wheatfield” received 7 votes.

Mark Laussade - Moon Over Wheatfield
Moon Over Wheatfield by Mark Laussade

2nd Runner Up – Goose Island by Mary Day Long

“Goose Island” received 5 votes.

Goose Island by Mary Day Long

3rd Runner Up – Fawning Over Bambi by Jean Thomas

“Fawning Over Bambi” received 4 votes.

Fawning Over Bambi by Jean Thomas

People’s Choice Photographer

Many photographers had multiple photos in the competition.  The People’s Choice photographer winners received the most votes, but usually spread out over multiple photos.  There was a 3-way tie for 1st runner up.

1st Place – Mark Laussade

The photographer who received the most votes was Mark Laussade who received 17 votes for 6 photos: “Moon Over Wheatfield” (show above as 1st runner up in the photo contest), “Dawn at the Lake”, “Vampire Moon”, The Subway at Zion”, “Dia de los Muertos”, and “Icelandic Puffin”.  Here is his photo which was voted as second favorite with 3 votes.

Dawn at the Lake by Mark Laussade

1st Runner Up (tie) – Mary Day Long

Mary Day Long received 8 votes for 3 photos.  Her top photo is “Goose Island” shown above as 2nd runner up in the photo contest.  Here is her photo which was voted as second favorite with 2 votes.

Abandonment Issues by Mary Day Long

1st Runner Up (tie) – Reid Wittliff

Reid Wittliff had only one photo, but it won first place in the People’s Choice with 8 votes.  “Africa Tree at Sunset” is shown as the first photo on this page.

1st Runner Up (tie) – Stephen Brkich

Stephen Brkich received 8 votes for 6 photos.  Here is his photo which was voted as the favorite with 3 votes.

Stephen Brkich - Katmai Diving Team
Katmai Diving Team by Stephen Brkich

Congratulations and we thank everyone for sharing your talent and images with us during 2019!

Potluck Dinner

In addition to the People’s Choice Awards, the “Photographer for the Year” award was given to Deborah Cole.  That award and Deborah are described in detail in a separate post.

We also enjoyed a great potluck dinner where many people brought excellent food.  Before the meeting, we had a signup sheet on the web and 20 people signed up for various types of food.  Here are a few photos from the meeting.  Click on a photo to see a larger version