Invitation 2019 Annual Party & Awards – December 5, 2019

NAPfS 2019 Digital Photography Awards – December 5, 2019

Date: Thursday, December 5th, starting at 7 PM.
Location: United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP

Potluck Dinner

This is a potluck holiday party. Please bring a favorite dish, dessert, appetizer, to share.  Family and guests welcome.

Please RSVP and sign up to bring something to the dinner using the form below.  The list of items will be maintained on this page below the form

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Current List of Items

Entrees (Non-vegetarian)
  • Ham (Dennis Isenberg)
  • Chili (Doug and winona Phillips)
  • Pepperoni Pizza (Clay Leben)
Entrees (Vegetarian)
  • Jalapeno Corn Casserole (Sandy Hannum)
  • Cheese and Veggie Pizzas (Clay Leben)
Entrees (Vegan)
  • TBD – Maybe a pasta something (Debby Cole)
Side Dishes
  • Stuffed Mushrooms (Mary Day Long)
  • Potato Salad (Dave DeVore)
  • Homemade Chex Mix or homemade brownies (Kathy Van Torne)
  • Snack Tray (Allen Irby)
  • Scalloped Potatoes (Clay Leben)
  • Party Toothpick Appetizers, cheese, meat, olive, pickle combos on a stick (Jean Thomas)
  • Spinach Caesar Salad (Ed Peet)
  • Green Salad (Linda Barnett)
  • 1 fruit pie, 1 cakey thing (David Margulis)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Stephen Brkich)
  • Brownies (Bill & Evelyn Bunton)
  • GF Pie (Arlie Pfeifer)
Soda and Bottled Water
  • 12 pk water, 6pk Coke, 6pk Diet Coke (Mark Laussade)
  • Orange Juice and 2 liter bottles of Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Grape, and Orange Soda (Patti Mitchell)
  • 4 Bottles of Sparkling Soda (Troy Carter)
Coffee and Tea

2019 Digital Photography Award Ceremony

7:00-8:00ish PM People’s Choice ballot voting, Members’ Portfolio Project Print Exhibit, Nibble ‘n Mingle
8:00-9:00 PM 2019 Awards Presentation, with People’s Choice, Critic’s Choice, and Photographer of the Year Recognition

Critic’s Choice Judge – To Be Announced

People’s Choice Voting

Please use the form below to vote for (up to) five of your favorite photos.
Click one of the links below to see all 112 winning photos from 2019:
  • Click here to see all the photos arranged randomly.  The title and photographer can be seen by hovering or clicking on a photo.  Clicking on a photo also starts a manual slide show.  This page can also be reached from the menu: “About NAPfS -> Past Competition Winners -> 2019 Competition Award Winners”.
    • Hint 1: Hovering over a photo shows the photographer and title.
    • Hint 2: Refreshing the page rearranges the photos.
    • Hint 3: Clicking on any photo brings up a larger version of the photo and starts a manual slide show which shows the photographer and title for each photo.
  • Click here to see all the photos in an automatic slide show  where the photos update every 4 seconds.  This page can also be reached from the menu: “About NAPfS -> Past Competition Winners -> 2019 Competition Award Winners Slide Show”.

All attendees can vote for up to 5 of their favorite award-winning photos from 2019  by using the form below.  In the field for each photo vote, please type the title of the photo and the photographer’ name; e.g. “Sunset on the beach, Jane Doe” (without the quotes). Each vote carries the same weight, so the photo with the most votes will win first place.

Vote for the People’s Choice Awards Here

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January 2020 Digital Photography Contest 

Reminder: We will not have a 3rd Thursday meeting  in December, so take special note to get your January contest images submitted on time. Watch for extra reminders via social media and email.

Submission Deadline: Midnight, Saturday, December 28, 2019

January’s digital photography competition theme is “Oldies”.  The normal 2 year restriction for this open themed competition does not apply.  Dig into the archives and let’s see your favorites!  You may submit any of your images which have not previously won any NAPfS competition awards.

The monthly NAPƒS digital competition is meant to be fun, inspirational, and educational. The judging and associated critiques are positive, supportive, and a useful learning tool.

A reminder – you must join NAPƒS or renew your membership to take part in 2020 competitions. The cost of membership is only $24 for renewal, or $36 to join (until January 1, 2020), and your annual contribution is used 100% in support of club operations and activities. Any payments made to enter through the end of 2019 will go in full toward your 2020 membership dues.

Read the competition rules, then submit your competition images!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all members. We have had a growing and improving year, and we all look forward to 2020 with hope and enthusiasm. Thank you for being in the club!