Competition Only Meeting, January 2, 2020

This meeting will be our monthly competition.  All photos (time permitting) will be critiqued.  The January, 2020, theme is “Oldies“.  The normal 2 year restriction for this open themed night does not apply.  Dig into the archives and let’s see your favorites!  You may submit any of your images which have not previously won any NAPfS competition awards.

Submit your photos at

Mark Laussade - Moon Over Wheatfield

Moon Over Wheatfield by Mark Laussade

More Awards in 2020!

The number of awards is potentially increasing for 2020.  In 2019, the number of awards was up to 25% of submissions.  In 2020, the number of awards is at least 25% of submissions.  What does this mean?  In 2019, the number of awards per class was the number of entries divided by four and the fractional part was discarded (i.e. the number was truncated to an integer).  In 2020, the number of awards per class is the number of entries divided by four and then rounded up to the next integer (unless the result is already an integer).  For example, with 17 entries, there would have been 4 awards in 2019, but there are 5 awards in 2020.

Photo Competition

Class 3 Judges Stephen Brkich, Bill Bunton, Phil Hawkins with Moderator Mark Laussade

Mark Laussade is moderating and controlling the photo judging.  He recruits four judges from the winners of the Class 3 competition.  Three judges will rate each photo, and one of the judges will give a critique.  There are four judges so that none of the judges gets to rate his/her own photos.

Popular Voting

We’re still researching the popular vote and how it will be held.  It is possible that the popular voting will be held after the meeting so as not to interfere with the judging.

Meeting Details

This is a free, public meeting so invite a buddy! but we encourage all to join the club if you regularly visit.  Because then you get to enter our competitions and participate in other club activities!

Date: Thursday, January 2, 2020 starting at 7 PM.

Location: United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP


7:00-7:10 PM Meet & Greet
7:10-7:20 PM Meeting Announcements, Guest Introductions
7:20-9:15 PM Competition Critiques

Monthly Competition

Submission Deadline: Midnight, Saturday, December 28, 2019

January’s digital competition theme is “Oldies”.  Only NAPfS members can submit up to two images of your choice and the photos can be any age.

Please review the new guidelines and select the class that you most closely qualify for. For more info, read this post about classes.

The monthly NAPƒS digital competition is meant to be fun, inspirational, and educational. The judging and associated critiques are positive, supportive, and will be a useful learning tool.

You must join NAPƒS to take part in 2020 competitions. The cost of membership is only $24, and your annual contribution is used 100% in support of club operations and activities.

Read the rules, then submit your competition images!