November 2019 Digital Photography Competition Results

The November 2019 Digital Competition’s theme was “Unusual Suspects“. Twenty-three members attended the November 7 “all critique” meeting.


Mark Laussade organized the judging by gathering experienced photographers who volunteered to judge.  Four judges were present, and Mark selected three of the judges for each photo.  One (or more) or the judges would critique the photo.  The judges were Carol Acurso, Mary Day Long, Carol Schiraldi, and Stephen Brkich.

When all photos were scored 1 – 10 by three judges, the winners were chosen based on their total score (30 maximum.)  In the case of a tie, the judges voted again on the tied images to resolve the tie (except for class 1 where the tie for 2nd place was allowed to stand).

Judges Carol Acurso, Mary Day Long, Carol Schiraldi, and Stephen Brkich and moderator Mark Laussade

Popular Voting

The “members choice” popular vote was handled via a new WordPress plugin prepared by Ed Peet which allowed the audience to see all the submitted photos in a browser on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops and pick their two favorites in each class.


Class 1 – Novice

There were 13 Class 1 submissions with 3 awards ranked by jury scores.

Class 1, 1st Place – “Surfing The Waves” by Clay Leben

Surfing the Waves by Clay Leben

Class 1, 2nd Place (tie) – “Fawning Over Bambi” by Jean Thomas

Fawning Over Bambi by Jean Thomas

Class 1, 2nd Place (tie) – “Not a Bird” by Donna Smith

Not a Bird by Donna Smith

Class 2 – Advanced

There were 16 Class 2 submissions with 4 awards ranked by jury scores.

Class 2, 1st Place – “Suspect Crocodile” by Troy Carter

Suspect Crocodile by Troy Carter

Class 2, 2nd Place – “Steampunk Suspects” by Jay Hsin

Steampunk Suspects by Jay Hsin

Class 2, 3rd Place – “The Quary Gang” by Jack Knopp

The Quary Gang by Jack Knopp

Class 2 – Honorable Mention- “Berlin Wall PeekABoo” by Deborah Cole

Berlin Wall PeekABoo by Deborah Cole

Class 3 – Expert

There were 9 Class 3 submissions with 2 awards ranked by jury scores.

Class 3, 1st Place – “Annual Migration” by Russ Morris

Annual Migration by Russ Morris

Class 3, 2nd Place – “Suspicious Activity” by Patti Mitchell

Suspicious Activity by Patti Mitchell