October 2019 Digital Photography Competition Results

The October 2019 Digital Competition’s theme was “Open”.


Mark Laussade organized the judging by gathering experienced photographers who volunteered to judge.  Each of the classes had three judges, and Mark supplied the judges with voting pads.  Each judge voted on each photo with a score from 1 to 10.  Mark’s software gathered the scores, combined them, and showed the total on the screen.  Thus, only the combined score was shown, not each individual judge’s score.  After the voting for a particular photo, one (or more) or the judges would critique the photo.

When all photos were rated, the winners were chosen using their scores.  In the case of a tie, the judges voted again on the tied images to resolve the tie.

The judges for Class 1 and Class 2 were Phil Hawkins, Bill Bunton, and Allen Irby.

Judges Allen Irby, Bill Bunton, Phil Hawkins with Moderator Mark Laussade

The judges for Class 3 were Phil Hawkins, Bill Bunton, and Stephen Brkich.

Judges Stephen Brkich, Bill Bunton, Phil Hawkins with Moderator Mark Laussade

Popular Voting

          Clay Leben

Clay Leben moderated the popular vote using the smart phone/tablet app “Sli.do“.  Anyone who wished to vote could download the Android or Apple app.  The app asked for a code which Clay supplied; the code for this meeting was “S556”.  For each class, people could vote for their two favorite photos using their smart phones or tablets.  When the judging for each class was done, Clay announced the results, which were also available on the app to everyone who voted.  The popular vote was just for fun; it had no effect on the awards given.


Class 1 – Novice

There were 16 Class 1 submissions with 4 awards.

Class 1, 1st Place – “Hungry Squirrel” by Ed Peet

Hungry Squirrel by Ed Peet

Class 1, 2nd Place – “My Mother’s Keeper” by Jean Thomas

My Mothers Keeper by Jean Thomas

Class 1, 3rd Place – “Peaceful Easy Feelin'” by Donna Smith

Peaceful Easy Feelin by Donna Smith

Class 1, Honorable Mention – “Feeding Frenzy” by Jean Thomas

Feeding Frenzy by Jean Thomas

Class 2 – Advanced

There were 17 Class 2 submissions with 4 awards

Class 2, 1st Place – “Intense” by Troy Carter

Intense by Troy Carter

Class 2, 2nd Place – “Tree at Night” by Agee Springer

Class 2, 3rd Place – “Waiting on the Train” by Deborah Cole

Waiting On The Train by Deborah Cole

Class 2 – Honorable Mention- “Grey Heron over Kenya” by Dave DeVore

Grey Heron over Kenya by Dave DeVore

Class 3 – Expert

There were 10 Class 3 submissions with 2 awards.

Class 3, 1st Place – “Momentary Touch” by Patti Mitchell

Momentary Touch Down by Patti Mitchell

Class 3, 2nd Place – “How Bears Exercise” by Patti Mitchell

How Bears Exercise by Patti Mitchell