Member Spotlight – 2nd Quarter 2019

Dennis Isenberg

Dennis IsenbergFor this spotlight, we’ve selected Dennis, a NAPfS charter member who has been active since its earliest meetings and 2013 Pflugerville Library show. We also owe a debt of gratitude to him because he is our faithful “keyman” who arrives early to unlock the United Christian Church doors for our meetings. Dennis often has his Panasonic Lumix camera(s) with him. Quite a few of his submitted competition images have been chosen by judges, for example, Aransas Pass fishing boats and beach sunsets photos.

1. Tell us about yourself.

My mother influenced me in a couple of major ways that dovetailed into photography. She majored in Social Studies Ed, and she exposed me to history and a sense of time. I read lots of bios and histories and majored in it myself. She also had cameras and took many pictures. We had family albums going back to the twenties and I still have those. While I was in the Air Force stationed in Okinawa and South Korea, I bought my first SLR in 1970. The rumor was GIs couldn’t get back to the USA without a camera, a stereo, or a watch. I didn’t get the watch.

2. What is it that interests you most about photography?

We have a place in Aransas Pass that we go to about one week a month. It is a great place to be for all kinds of photography. The flora, the fauna and salt water all have an allure, and it’s always good for a few surprises. We have kind of gotten use to a flock of Ibis flying into our yard foraging as they go, but it’s still fun. It is also a short drive to Rockport, Corpus, Mustang Island, and Port Aransas to name some great nearby places.

Marina by Dennis Isenberg

3. What kind of of photographs do you like to make?

I got side tracked by parenting and teaching, but I’ve always had cameras. The digital age, having adult children, and now retirement has ramped up my interest in making photos again, and as they say “the rest was history!” (Ba-dum-pump!) I am an opportunist as a photographer (most teachers are pirates.) But I most enjoy seascapes, birds, flowers, and landscapes. With a new born grand son, I hope to work on portraiture and baby pictures.

4. What is most rewarding about learning photography?

Photography allows me to capture moments in time that otherwise might fade away. Then there is also the sense of discovery and the learning that goes with it. I also must admit recognition in NAPfS competitions is a bit of a rush too.

Sunset by Dennis Isenberg

5. What tips have you learned about photography so far?

Don’t be afraid to try something new, and the corollary is don’t be afraid to ask for help or information. There is always some more to learn over the horizon. This club has been a great help in that regard. Critiques, presentations, and idea exchanges are great stuff. Oh! And with digital keep shooting. The results are immediate, no waiting for the lab. Planning helps too. Have a plan and an outcome you are looking for.


Member spotlight is a quarterly feature for the NAPfS web site. Our goal is to recognize members who distinguish themselves with their photography portfolio and enthusiasm for the club’s purpose to be an “active community of photographers and photography enthusiasts.”

About Clay Leben

I've always loved photography and cameras. Started in high school with darkroom and school newspaper; continued with college yearbook photos. I just keep going; taking photos of events around me for personal pleasure. I love capturing the moment and saving memories as "citizen journalism" storytelling. Like Cronkite used to end the newscast by saying, "And, that's the way it was!"