3rd Thursday Tripod Workshop with Phil Hawkins – January 17, 2019

Tripod technique, tricks, and tips with Phil Hawkins, NAPfS 2019 President, and professional landscape photographer 

Phil Hawkins

TIME: 7-9 PM
DATE: Thursday, January 17th, 2019
LOCATION: United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP

This is a members only meeting; however, if you’d like to join, please do so prior to the event, and you are welcome to attend.


7:00-7:15 PM Meet & Greet, (Put on your name tag!)
7:15-7:30 PM Meeting Announcements, New Member Introductions
7:30-9:00 PM Hands-On Workshop with Phil Hawkins

Tripod Technique, Tips, and Tricks

Interested in landscape photography? Want to do long exposure star shots? Are you leveling up your camera body and don’t know what tripod would work best for your gear? Have you ever missed the perfect focus on that “once in a lifetime” shot because of a jittery hand? If so, this workshop is for you!

Phil Hawkins will be covering the 411 on tripods, giving you the confidence you need to start using one if you never have, or use one again if you tried and didn’t like the results.

The following is, in Phil’s own words, what you will be learning: 

“In 14 years of doing workshops I can predict 100% that someone will show up with a completely inadequate tripod-ballhead combination and expect to get good shots. They spend SO much time wrestling with the mess that they miss shots. Lots of shots.

All tripods are not created equal. People give very little thought to a tripod, yet spend tens of thousands on cameras and lenses only to be torpedoed by no or the wrong tripod. I’ll show how to choose and use a tripod, and what ballhead to use. Thinking about carbon fiber? Think again. You don’t need it. I’ll also teach proper tripod field technique.

I’ll show you things about your long lenses you might not know that will set you free AND improve your results.

Film cameras and early 6meg digital cameras in the old days were very forgiving of slight vibrations or unsteady hand-holding. But now that camera resolutions have increased to 30 and 40 and 50megs, having the right tripod without breaking the bank is more important than ever. I’ll show you the right equipment at a price that will surprise you. Join us January 17th!”

About Phil Hawkins

Phil, besides being the 2019 NAPfS President, is also an avid and accomplished landscape photographer. He has worked professionally since 2004 focusing on landscape fine art photography.

Additionally, Phil conducts photography workshops in Yosemite National Park, CA throughout the year, and leads expeditions to the Italian Dolomites. He is a software instructor online at Lynda.com, and has had photographs featured in National Geographic Magazine.

You can contact Phil at his website http://philhawkinsphoto.com