NAPfS 2018 Critic’s Choice Digital Photography Awards

Nell Carroll

The 2018 NAPƒS Critic’s Choice Digital Photography Awards were chosen by Nell Carroll at the December 6th Award Ceremony and holiday party. Many thanks to Nell for her continued support of the club, and her wise insight into this year’s competition.

Judge’s comments:

Nell mentioned that the offerings to select from this year were stellar and made her job quite difficult. She shared that, in her role as a photography instructor at Texas State University, she leveraged the opportunity for critical analysis and education, by inviting her students to review the entire set, and make their recommendations.

The first round of eliminations winnowed the group down from over 100 contenders to several dozen. Through several rounds of elimination and review, the larger group of critics narrowed the field down to nine pictures, and then she made the final selections. Ultimately, they all had strong  interest and memorable points, and, again, she said she had many more than 3 that were viable contenders for recognition.

The grand prize 1st place winner was selected because of…well, everything about it! The clear effort of care spent on the technical set up and prep, the subject matter, the painterly quality, the specific placement of light and objects (even the cat!) were all listed as characteristics that put it in the winning category. A true triumph for the photographer and his model!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

1st place – Scientist by Andrew Fritz

Scientist by Andrew Fritz

Scientist by Andrew Fritz

In depth post from Andrew about his award winning image, along with some additional images from the same set can be found here: Behind the Scientist by Andrew Fritz

2nd place – Point of Origin by Calvin Poole

 Point of Origin by Calvin Poole

3rd place – Glass Corner by Cat Smith

Glass Corner by Cat Smith

Glass Corner by Cat Smith

Congratulations to the winners! We have enjoyed seeing your work this year!

Be sure to enter your photographs into the 2019 monthly competitions to get your chance to be selected as a Critic’s choice at the end of the year. Join in here.