November 2018 Digital Competition Results

The November 2018 Digital Competition was Yin and Yang themed and judged remotely by Jeremy Green.

Jeremy’s judging results were forwarded to us digitally, because, unfortunately, he fell ill and could not attend the meeting as our speaker.  This is the final 2018 submission for the Photographer of the Year award, so it was especially important to us that a 3rd party judge be the one deciding the winners. We will be scheduling Jeremy again in the future, and thank him for muscling through his illness to return results to us.

Our speaker for the evening was, instead, Dr. Adrian-Dahood Fritz, an Antarctica research scientist, and accomplished photographer. Thank you, Dr. Fritz for pitching in at the last minute to give us an incredibly interesting presentation about your work, and the spectacular pictures that went with it. Who knew pancake ice and 7 different variety of seals could be so fascinating? Now, we all do.

Class 1 – Novice

There were 15 Class 1 submissions with 4 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 1 honorable mention).

1st Place – Espresso Swirl by Ruth Masciarelli

Espresso Swirly by Ruth Masciarelli

2nd Place – Light and Dark by Michele Johnson

Light and Dark, photo by Michele Johnson

3rd Place – Deco Contrasted by Peter LivadasDeco Contrasted by photographer Peter Livadas

Honorable Mention – Galaxy in the Moon by Cat Smith

Galaxy in the Moon by Cat Smith

Class 2 – Advanced

There were 9 Class 2 submissions with 3 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd ).

1st Place – Gold and Ice by Joshua Baker

Gold and Ice by Joshua Baker

2nd Place – Flight of the Thunderbird by Russ Morris

Flight of the Thunderbird by Russ Morris

3rd Place – Beauty and the Beast by Patti Mitchell

Beauty and the Beast by Patti Mitchell

2018 Final Results Coming Soon!

This November contest marks the completion of the 2018 competition year. We are tallying the votes, and the winners will be announced at our 1st Thursday holiday meeting in December, on the 6th. Congratulations to this month’s winners, and thank you for sharing your talent with us all. it has been the biggest year to date on entries and we look forward to continuing our growth.

Submissions for the 2019 competitions will be announced in the next few weeks, including the new list of themes. We are moving to 3 categories instead of just 2, full details to follow soon.