April 2018 Competition Results

Class 1

The April 2018 Digital Competition was open themed and judged by Geoff Hammond, our speaker for the evening.

There were 37 Class 1 submissions with 9 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6 honorable mentions).

1st Place – Fish Bones by Anthony Charles

Fish Bones by Anthony Charles

2nd Place – Bonnet and Steel by Allen Irby

Bonnet and Steel by Allen Irby

3rd Place – Expressions by Carol McAllen

Expressions by Carol McAllen

Honorable Mention – The Florist by Chloe HunterThe Florist by Chloe Hunter


Honorable Mention – Snake Eye by Roberto White

Snake Eye by Roberto White

Honorable Mention – Sunset on Frost by Scott Bauer

Sunset on Frost by Scott Bauer

Honorable Mention – The Scream by Dave Devore

The Scream by Dave Devore

Honorable Mention – Red Dirt Carpet by Mark Jacques

Red Dirt Carpet by Mark Jacques

Honorable Mention – Show Time by Trevor Lemoine

Show Time by Trevor Lemoine

Class 2

There were 22 Class 2 submissions with 5 awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 honorable mentions).

1st Place – The Three Swans by Patti Mitchell

The Three Swans by Patti Mitchell

2nd Place – Food Fight by Patti Mitchell

Food Fight by Patti Mitchell

3rd Place – The Small Dog by Andrew Fritz

The Small Dog by Andrew Fritz

Honorable Mention – Vocholandia by Peter Livadas

Vocholandia by Peter Livadas

Honorable Mention – Sliver by Josh Baker

Sliver by Josh Baker