February 2018 Contest Results


This month’s contest theme “Oldies” was Judged by Andrew Fritz, NAPfS President and professional doing wedding, commercial, and nature photography. Members were allowed to submit any two images that were older than two years. The club’s usual rule is that images must be new, taken within two years. You can read submission guidelines and other rules here. February set a record for total submissions.

While critiquing the images Andrew’s advice included “bad weather makes for good photographs.” He praised images that drew him in visually, told a story, and had portraits with strong facial expressions. Although there were several “cute” cat and dog pictures, they would be improved he said by showing a relationship between owners and their pets or striking animal behaviors. Sharp focus on animal eyes is critical too. He also liked several building, beach, and tree images with strong geometric composition. Click an image to see a slide show.

Class 1 – Novice – 39 submissions

1st Class 1

First Place Class 1: Allen Irby, Boot Hill

Second Place: “Untitled” by Jerry Zerbst. Third Place: “Easter Buddy” by Allen Irby. Honorable Mention: “sunlight duchess” by Chloe Hunter. Honorable Mention: “On Town Lake” by Will Varley. Honorable Mention: “Colleen” by Patti Mitchell. Honorable Mention: “Dollyrama” by Marsha Robinson. Honorable Mention: “Beach Nomad” by Bri Thatcher. Honorable Mention: “dog jog beach” by Anthony Charles

Class 2 – Advanced – 21 submissions

1st Class 2

First Place, Class 2: Peter Livadas, “Say the Word”

First Place: “Say the word” by Peter Livadas. Second Place: “Canopy” by Veachel S Dixon. Third Place: “Looking Glass” by Veachel S Dixon. Honorable Mention: “Waiting” by Vance Strickland. Honorable Mention: “Butterfly Beauty” by Ashley Piel.

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I've always loved photography and cameras. Started in high school with darkroom and school newspaper; continued with college yearbook photos. I just keep going; taking photos of events around me for personal pleasure. I love capturing the moment and saving memories as "citizen journalism" storytelling. Like Cronkite used to end the newscast by saying, "And, that's the way it was!"