February Meeting Recap

We had a great 2018 2nd meeting February 1st with over 40 people attending at United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727.Welcome to our newest club members: Dianne Kline, Avinash Naidu Suvvari, Steve Coyle, Sylvia D Anchia, Riss Estes, Arlie Pfeifer, Bruce Jones, Ed Wilts, and Trevor Lemoine.

Club President Andrew Fritz announced that the club will sponsor a second monthly meeting with a “hands-on” focus monthly every 3rd Thursday at 7 pm also at the United Christian Church. For the March “how-to” meeting, Andrew will demonstrate proper ways to print your photos, for example, getting the colors right and choosing different papers, and then making contest-quality matts to mount your photographs. Andrew also wants to tutor some members who want to build a portfolio of their photography. Andrew invited everyone to see the club’s award-winning images hanging now at Precision Camera and to attend the February 9th reception 6 – 8 pm.

Member Print Table

Russ Morris exhibited a large selection of images made with several different format film cameras and printed. For his print services, he used adoramapix.com.

Monthly Competition

The February competition was judged by Andrew Fritz, who is a professional wedding photographer at azulox.com and instructor at azuloxworkshops.com. There were 39 Class 1 entries and 21 Class 2 submissions. In Class 1, there were 3 awards and 6 honorable mentions. In Class 2, there were 3 awards and two honorable mention. To see the winning photos, read the separate post here.

Program – Africa Photo Safari

Guest Speaker Dave DeVore, NAPfS member, presented a slide show of his photographic journey as a wildlife and nature photographer that has been nurtured by 17 trips to east Africa since 2009 while doing mission work in and around Nairobi, Kenya. DeVore photographed his medical missionary work to restore sight to children and adults with blindness from cataracts. He showed photos of the neighborhoods he’s seen as well as the wild animals and birds he photographed in a wide variety of game parks.

In 2017 Dave started a nature and wildlife photography business focused on selling downloads, prints, and other products based on his images. He is building out his web site, www.photoartbydave.com, and promoting the business. He also manages a local computer repair business he founded in 1997.

Next Month

The theme for March 1, 2018 is “RED DAZZLE!” Red, red, red!It’s everywhere! Here’s your chance to submit images that show visions of RED in your most creative ways. Remember the Red Ruleif it’s red, shoot it!Submissions will be taken until midnight Saturday, February 24th at https://napfs.club/competitions/competition-submission/

Candid Meeting Photos

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