Dave DeVore – Member Presentation – African Photo Safari – Feb 1, 2018

The 2nd NAPƒS meeting of 2018 will be held Thursday, February 1st starting at 7PM.

The meeting location is United Christian Church at 3500 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. 78727 – MAP


7:00-7:15PM Meet & Greet, Member Print Exhibition Q & A
7:15-7:30PM Announcements, New member introductions
7:30-9:00PM Guest Speaker/ Judge Introductions, Club Competition, Presentation

Member Print Exhibition

During the meet and greet, NAPƒS Club member Russ Morris will exhibit prints from photos made with a variety of film cameras from his collection.

Program – African Photo Safari

Dave DeVore, NAPfS member, is going to share a slide show of his photographic journey as a wildlife and nature photographer that has been nurtured by 17 trips to east Africa since 2009 while doing mission work in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

He will describe the mission work and the neighborhoods he’s seen that have provided street photography opportunities as well as the photo safaris to a wide variety of game parks. You won’t want to miss his amazing wildlife photos and the stories behind them.

About Dave DeVore

In 2017 Dave started a nature and wildlife photography business focused on selling downloads, prints, and other products based on his images. He is building out his web site, www.photoartbydave.com, and promoting the business. He also manages a local computer repair business he founded in 1997.

Dave has been fascinated since childhood by photography from his first Kodak Instamatic with flash cubes to his present day digital cameras. He has progressed through Polaroid cameras, digital point and shoots, super zooms and is now working with professional Nikon DSLRs and lenses.

He is largely a self-taught photographer, taking advantage of books, online resources, and photo workshops. His friend Judi Sawyer, an accomplished nature photographer, challenged him to post a daily Facebook picture in 2015, a project which he continues to this day. Another huge influence is his mentor and good friend, Roberto White, who has been generous with his time and patient in his teaching about photography, nature, and life in general.

Monthly Competition

Submission Deadline: Midnight, Saturday, January 27, 2018

February’s competition theme is OLDIES allowing you to submit two of your favorite images without regard to our usual two year rule. So submit your best shot from way back!  Andrew Fritz, NAPfS President, will be the judge for this month.

Submissions are divided into two classes and each club member is free to choose which class to enter, unless you were told otherwise. For more info, read this post about classes.

The monthly NAPƒS competition is meant to be fun, inspirational, and educational. The judging and associated critiques are positive, supportive, and a useful learning tool.

A reminder – you must join NAPƒS or renew now to take part in 2018 competitions. The cost of membership is only $24 and your annual contribution is used 100% in support of club operations and activities.

Read the rules, then submit your competition images!’

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