January 2018 Contest Winners

Congratulations! January 2018 Winners

The contest judge was Laura DiMeo, RTF teacher at ACC, and also our guest speaker.

Class 1 – Novice – 29 submissions

Class 1 First Place: “The Hunter” by Cynthia Stein

Class 1 Winners: First Place: “The Hunter” by Cynthia Stein, Second Place: “Dragonfly at Rest” by Dave DeVore, Third Place: “Crystal Ball” by Cynthia Stein, Honorable Mention: “Frosted Decline” by Calvin Poole, Honorable Mention: “Double” by Stacy Wells, Honorable Mention: “Its been a long morning” by Calvin Poole, Honorable Mention: “What’s for Lunch” by Dave DeVore. [Click on image to see a slide show]

Class 2 – Advanced – 15 submissions

winner class 2

Class 2 First Place: “Leap” by Patti Mitchell

Class 2 Winners: First Place: “Leap” by Patti Mitchell, Second Place: “Scientist” by Andrew Fritz, Third Place: “Spider Caught a Fly” by Mark Donnell, Honorable Mention: “Shadows at Night” by Peter Livadas. [Click on image to see a slide show]


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