NAPƒS Membership

NAPƒS Membership

We’re a few weeks from halfway through 2017 and we’re up to 55 official members. That means we still need 45 folks to join up before year’s end to reach our goal of 100 NAPƒS members.

We’ve had really great speakers in the past year, local experts like Randy Kerr, Chris Sherman, Amy Jasek, and George Brainard plus member presentations from awesome, talented folks like Chris Cina and Bill Bunton. Not to mention the extremely informative Copyright/Contracts presentation by Eleanor Ruffner and Natalie Lynch just last week!

We have excellent speakers lined up in the months ahead, and we’re already getting our 2018 schedule in order.

It’s so cool that you’ve pitched in, not only by joining, but with your participation in the monthly member print exhibition, the quarterly field trips, and my favorite activity, the monthly photo competition. Thank you.

Now it’s time to step it up. If you know anyone that has as much fun with photography as we do, invite them to one of the 5 remaining 2017 meetings and encourage them to join and participate.

Let’s hit that 100 member goal!