2016 NAPƒS People’s Choice Awards

The December 1, 2016 meeting at The Green Red Barn celebrated our club’s inaugural People’s Choice Awards. Members in attendance voted for 6 of their favorite images from 82 competition winners selected at meetings throughout the past year.

Congratulations to all, and thank you to those attending and voting.

This year’s award for top photograph was split between two members, Chris Cina for her shot titled “I Hear the Train A Coming,” and Dennis Eisenberg for his shot titled “Sunset at the Fishing Pier.” They each received 7 votes.

Chris Cina, I Hear the Train A Coming


Dennis Eisenberg, Sunset at the Fishing Pier


“Proud Fella,” by Travis Johnson received 6 votes.


“Red on Red” by Andrew Fritz, “Palacious Shrimper” by Dennis Isenberg, and “Maty” by Elizabeth Zimmerman each received 5 votes.

Red on Red by Andrew Fritz

Tacticon 2016


Palacious Shrimper by Dennis Isenberg


Maty by Elizabeth Zimmerman