2017 Leadership Positions

2017 will be the first year that NAPfS is run by a member elected board. Below are the positions and the description of their duties. The club is evolving and these duties will evolve with it.

The club has several high level goals and this is an exciting time to be involved. In 2017 the club would like to:

  • Establish formal membership with dues.
  • Find a “forever home” so meetings are in the same place each month.
  • Have more frequent meetings so there is time for more than just competition and one speaker.
  • Have more diverse content presented but local and national talent.
  • Host/help with an outside show or event.

Club members are encouraged to nominate individuals for these positions or volunteer themselves. To volunteer or make a nomination, please email web@napfs.club.


2016 Outgoing – Andrew Fritz

  • Coordinates the actions of the club’s leadership.
  • Presides over meetings.
  • Does whatever needs to be done to make it happen.

Vice President

2016 Outgoing – Unfilled

  • Take over for the President if he/she is unable to attend a meeting.
  • Assumes President’s position if he/she is unable to continue to fill the role.
  • Helps the President as needed per the president’s direction.


2016 Outgoing – Unfilled

  • Arrange for the club to legally take dues.
  • Set up a bank account.
  • Manage the clubs money per the direction of the President and the rest of the board.
  • Oversee any required tax prep (should be none to minimal).

Competition Coordinator

2016 Outgoing – Andrew Fritz

  • Finds qualified judges for each meeting.
  • Collects images for the monthly competition via the web form.
  • Prepares previews for the judges each month.
  • Prepares and runs the competition at the meeting.
  • Publishes the competition results with the help of PR & Marketing.

Program Coordinator

2016 Outgoing – Charlotte Wright

  • Finds speakers for the club’s monthly meetings.
  • Publishes speaker information for upcoming meetings with the help of PR & Marketing
  • Insures the club has the required AV gear for the speaker.
  • Assists speakers during their presentation as needed.

Membership Coordinator

2016 Outgoing – Andrew Fritz

  • Manages the membership list and email list.
  • Responsible for collecting membership forms and dues.

PR & Marketing

2016 Outgoing – Andrew Fritz and Kimberly Fore (2017 incoming)

  • Promote the club’s activities on the web and social media.
  • Maintain the web site.
  • Create posts for upcoming meetings and past competitions.
  • Create infrequent email updates for the membership (approximately monthly).