Results – August 2016

August’s competition was themed “After Dark”. Club founder Andrew Fritz was our judge.

Class 1

We had 13 class 1 entries with 3 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

1st – Dip by Warren Creech

Warren Creech%Evening Dip


2nd – Martian Photo Bomb by Shawn Hutcherson

Shawn Hutcherson%Martian Photo Bomb


3rd – Windchime by Russ Morris

Russ Morris%Windchime


Class 2

We had 10 entries in class 2 with 2 awards (1st and 2nd). The winning images are below.

1st – Enchanted by Emily Crowel Stevens

Emily Crowell Stevens%Enchanted


2nd – Sparkle by Josh Baker

josh baker%Sparkle