Results – June 2016

June’s competition was open (no theme). Sports Photojournalist Jamie Harms was our judge for the meeting. The winning images are below.

Class 1

We had 21 class 1 entries with 5 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd and two honorable mentions).

1st – Openly Yellow by Chloe Hunter

Chloe Hunter%openly yellow

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

The exposure of the sunflower and the sky are perfect, bright and colorful. The focus on the sunflower and bee are tack sharp with the right depth of field to make the image nice to look at. 

2nd – Red Poppies by Russ Morris

Russ Morris%Red Poppies 2

3rd – Refueling by Chloe Hunter

Chloe Hunter%refueling

Honorable Mentions

Class 2

We had 10 entries in class 2 with 3 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The winning images are below.

1st – Purple & Yellow by Josh Baker

Josh Baker%Purple & Yellow


The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

This is a fun and original image with perfect focus and depth of field. The purple and yellow of the jaw breakers juxtaposed with the reversed background is simple but brilliant. The post processing of the skin is natural and not over done. Just a great all around shot.

2nd – Good Morning Tetons by Bill Bunton


Bill Bunton%Good Morning Tetons

3rd – Get Away from My Wife by Andrew Fritz

Andrew Fritz%Get Away from my Wife