Results – May 2016

May’s competition was open (no theme). Alex Suarez was our judge for the meeting. Alex is a formal trained photographer and founder of APS. The winning images are below.

Class 1

We had 24 class 1 entries with 6 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd and three honorable mentions).

1st – Jungle Cruise by Shawn Hutcherson

Shawn Hutcherson%Jungle Cruise

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

This image reveal many layers in its composition (water, elephants, more water, vegetation, rocks, etc.), the criss-crossing elements, the depth of field, the action all contributed to create a superb image.

2nd – Tasty Treat by Ashley Piel

Ashley Piel%Tasty Treat

3rd – Flow by Stacy Wells

Stacy Wells%Flow

Honorable Mentions

Class 2

We had 12 entries in class 2 with 3 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The winning images are below.

1st – A Sprinkle by Josh Baker

Josh Baker%A Sprinkle

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

This image display great texture, well placed focus selection and a strong composition. The flying particles of powdered sugar take it one step further! Technically well lit, exposed, processed.

2nd – Blue & Silver by Josh Baker

Josh Baker%Blue & Silver

3rd – Embrasse-Moi by Emily Crowell Stevens

Emily Crowell Stevens%Embrasse-moi

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