Meeting: Thursday, May 5th 2016

Update: Due to a personal emergency, our scheduled speaker, Natalie Lynch will not be able to speak this month as planned. We are rescheduling her talk for later in the year. Amy Jasek will be speaking about large format photography instead.

NAPfS’s May 2016 meeting will be held on May 5th, 2016 starting at 7PM. This month we will be meeting in Taylor at 120Art.

LOCATION CHANGE: We will meeting at a different location than normal: 120Art in downtown Taylor. The address is 120 W. 2nd Street, Taylor, TX 76574.

The meeting schedule is:

7:00PM – Meet and Greet
7:30PM – Natalie Lynch – Legal Issues for Photographers
8:00PM – Monthly Competition with guest judge Alex Suarez

Monthly Competition – Judge Alex Suarez

12316061_10156285257220113_1287782538069437462_nMay is an open competition. Any image from the last 2 years may be entered. Image submission is open until midnight on Friday April 29th. Participants will be divided into two classes. Each club member will choose which class to enter. For more information, see this post.

Submit your images here.

Our guest judge for May’s competition will be Alex Suarez, founder of the Austin Photography Society. From helicopters to oceans, ghost towns to urban jungles, mountains to deserts, foreign lands to his own back yard, Alex lives for exploring the world and capturing compelling images that tell a story and emotionally move the viewer. Use of bold colors, strong graphic elements, unusual perspectives and whimsical humor are some of the tools that he employs to create images that evoke emotion or provoke thought. Alex draws upon his 30 years of photographic experience to make the most of each and every photographic opportunity he encounters. Alex lives in the Austin hill country with his wife and two kids. He leads a monthly advanced photography interest group which is open to the public.

Speaker – Amy Jasek

Large Format Photography

me with 7x17Amy has always been a photographer.  There may have been breaks along the way, but she may as well have been born with a camera in her hand. She learned 99% of what she knows about photography from her father.  He started schooling her in traditional darkroom techniques before she was even tall enough to reach the sink, and has always had a knack for knowing just the right time to gift her a new camera.  Two Christmases ago, it was a Crown Graphic with all the accessories.  Last Christmas, it was a 7×17 Korona Banquet View Camera, again with all the accessories.  Thus began my adventures in large format photography.

Amy will present some of her large format photography work as show off her cameras. If you’ve ever been curious about large format photography, this is a great oppritunity to learn more about it.