Results – January 2016

Our second competition was judged by Geoff Hammond, a classically trained photographer working for clients, producing stock photography and who has a background evaluating images for iStock Photo. We had 22 entries and gave out 6 awards, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3 honorable mentions. The winning images are below.

1st Place – The Astrophotographer by Andrew Fritz

Andrew Fritz - The Astrophotographer

The judge’s paraphrased thoughts on why this image won:

While the technical skill of this image is obvious, the feeling communicated is what completes this image. There is a definite sense of awe from the silhouetted photographer.

2nd – Najatt in Gold by Joshua Baker

Joshua Baker - Najatt in Gold

3rd – Proud Fella by Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson - Proud Fella

Honorable Mentions